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Preserve Your Family's Story

Don’t risk letting time steal your precious, treasured family stories.
Preserve your family’s story… FOREVER.

Jacquie's Story

I come from a family of “memory keepers” and storytellers.
It was my mom who inspired me to tell my own.

Let's Start on Your Story

Let’s not let overwhelm keep you from at least discovering the power of permanent digital storage…
and the benefits of having a safe home for your life’s memories.

Yesterday’s and Today’s Stories for Every Tomorrow…

Every day that goes by is a story to be told. Every moment in time spent with loved ones is a treasure to be kept.
Start capturing and preserving your family’s story today… and it will be around for all their tomorrows.

Old Media to New Technology

Keep your old photos, polaroids, movie reels, VHS tapes, floppy discs, CDs, 8 Tracks, Cassettes and other old media, but digitize it so you don’t risk losing it.

Your Lifetime Plus 100 Years

With the safest, most secure AND easy-to-use online, cloud-based storage, your memories will be available for your lifetime + 100 years!

Share the Love and the Legacy

Your online storage account can enable you to invite friends and family to view your memories, allowing them to get a glimpse into the legacy.

Fear and Overwhelm with Tech?

My clients come to me overwhelmed with wagonloads of scrapbooks, photo albums, tapes, reels and discs not knowing where to start and fearing the use of technology… 

I help them transform their fear to confidence, give them a place to start and ‘how to’ guidance, and a deeper understanding of the importance of digital memory keeping.

Now, they just bring their laptop.

Ready to Take the First Step?

At your complimentary 30-minute digital discovery session, we will discuss where you are in your digital memory keeping, review what you have and what you want and take a look at the best options for you.

A little gift to get your stories rolling...

So many have said to me, “I just don’t know where to start”. In addition to my complimentary Digital Discovery Session, I’ve put together this document of 10 questions to prompt yourself and your family members. You can use this to interview your family members and loved ones on video or hand it out and have them write their story using these prompts.

Wanna Have a Look See?

Learning more and taking a look around doesn’t cost you a dime.

You can take a peek on your own by setting up your free account or schedule a digital discovery session with me!
I’m happy to walk you through it! I’ll even show you my account!